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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Happy Birthday Pauline Murray

(Photo by Phil King)

Happy Birthday To Pauline Murray
Born On This Day in 1958

Pauline Murray will be out on Tour supporting The Mission in 2017

The Playlist

(Photo by Davy Ellis)

On The Playlist
Don't Dictate - Penetration (Live at The Electric Circus)
Firing Squad - Penetration (Single)
Life's A Gamble - Penetraion (Live at Reading Festival)
Future Daze - Penetration (All Right Now TV Performance)
Lovers of Outrage - Penetration (All Right Now TV Performance) 
Danger Signs - Penetration (Peel Session)
Nostalgia - Penetration (Live at Thames Poly)
Dream Sequence - Pauline Murray and The Invisible Girls (TV Performance)
Searching For Heaven - Pauline Murray and The Invisible Girls (Single)
New Age - Pauline Murray and The Storm (Single)
This Thing Called Love - Pauline Murray (Single)
Our World - Penetration (Single)
Beat Goes On - Penetration (Official Video)
Silent Community/ Don't Dictate - Penetration (Live at 100 Club, London 2016)
I Don't Mind - Penetration (Buzzcocks Cover for Pledge Campaign)
Free Money - Penetration (Patti Smith Cover on Debut Album Moving Targets) 

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