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Sunday, 26 March 2017

40 Years of Punk & New Wave: The Sounds of 1977 #6 Playlist

Here's the sixth playlist in our series The Sounds of 1977.

There's a fair few here that I have not listened to for 40 years!

On The Playlist
Radio Fun - The Zeros
The A-Side of a Double A-Side released as the second single on Small Wonder Records in October 1977. They only recorded another couple of singles before vanishing without a trace in 1979.

Don't Push Me Around - Zeros
Released on Bomp! in 1977. Despite having the same name (without the 'The' though) as the previous band this lot were from Southern California and were active between 1976-1980 and have reformed a number of times since the 1990's.

 The Worm Song - The Yobs
B-Side to the excellent Run Rudolph Run which was released in November 1977 on Nems. The Yobs are of course none other than The Boys!

Suffice To Say - Yachts
Debut single from Liverpool based band on Stiff Records (BUY 19) who would go on to sign for Radar Records. They would release a number of singles before splitting up in the early 80's. Members would reappear in bands like Pink Military, It's Immaterial and The Christians at a later date.

She's So Square - XTC
Features on the debut 3D EP on Virgin Records.

Can't Wait 'Til '78 - The Wasps
Included on the Live At The Vortex album and released as a Split single with Mean Street on the Nems label

London Girls (Live) - The Vibrators
Second single release of 1977 on Epic Records and it was a live release (strangely) that featured Stiff Little Fingers on the B-Side.

Nothing To Declare - Suspects
The band included Pete Davies who would turn up later as drummer for the UK Subs and Andy Riff  and who would become guitarist for The Dark.

Hanging Around - The Stranglers
Last track on Side One of the Debut Album Rattus Norvegicus and also released as part of the US EP. The version I included on the playlist is a live in Studio performance that I had actually never seen before today.

Office Girl - The Stoat
Released on City Records in November 1977, it reminded me a little of Eddie and the Hot Rods. Don't really know much about them except they were a three piece from South West London who released one other single in 1978 before calling it a day.

 Victimized - Rikki and The Last Days of Earth
B-Side to the City of the Damned single that was released in November 1977 on DJM Records. Another band I don't really know an awful lot about but they were quite interesting and a wee bit different to a lot of Punk/New Wave groups at the time.

Talk Talk Talk Talk - The Reaction
Their only release in 1977 was on the Streets album put out by Beggars Banquet. The song was written by Ed Hollis and his younger brother Mark Hollis. Ed of course is known as manager/writer/producer etc for Eddie and the Hot Rods. The band would only release one single in 1978 on Island Records (I Can't Resist) before disbanding sometime in 1979. Mark Hollis reappeared with a new band called Talk Talk who had some major success.

Youthanasia - The Pigs
Released on New Bristol Records in late 1977. It was the only record the band made and by 1978 they were unheard of. I did notice on You Tube that they must have reformed at various points and played some shows. It's not brilliant by any stretch of the imagination but it's worth including here as they were playing live back then as support to fellow Bristol Punks The Cortinas.

Development Corporations - The Now
The band were from Peterborough and their debut single was released on The Ultimate Record Label (which I am guessing was their own label). The band played at The Roxy and The Vortex back in '77 but I really don't know too much about them. I always found this single to be quite a quirky little thing.

Then I Kissed Her - The Lurkers
Taken from their Debut John Peel Session recorded in October 1977. It would be included on their Debut album Fulham Fallout in 1978 as Then I Kicked Her!

All I Can Do - The Jolt
This was the other A-Side to The Jolt's Debut single You're Cold on Polydor released in October 1977.

All Around The World - The Jam
Second single from the Woking Wonders. The version I included on the playlist is from the Marc Show in 1977.

Blockheads - Ian Dury
Taken from the Debut album New Boots and Panties!! on Stiff Records.

One Way Love - The Damned
A Double D-Side with Don't Cry Wolf released in December 1977 on Pink Vinyl. It would be their last single for Stiff Records and after breaking up they would return again in 1978-79.

Garageland - The Clash
Taken from their Debut Album released in April 1977.

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