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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

40 Years of Punk & New Wave: The Sounds of 1977 #7 Playlist

The Seventh in our series The Sounds of 1977 features another twenty tracks drawn from Singles, B-Sides, Sessions and Album Tracks.

On The Playlist

Police and Thieves - The Clash
Taken from Side Two of their Debut Album released in April 1977 and is their classic cover of the 1976 Single by Junior Murvin.

Art School - The Jam
Opening song on the Debut album released in May 1977 on Polydor.

Gary Gilmore's Eyes - The Adverts
Released in August 1977 on the Anchor label it was their only Top 20 Single reaching #18.

Rock On - Generation X
Taken from their second John Peel Session recorded 12th July 1977 and broadcast on 21st July 1977. Officially released on CD in 2002 on Strange Fruit.

(German Picture Sleeve)

Everyone's A Winner - London
Debut Single released on 7" by MCA Records in June 1977.

Lovers of Today - The Only Ones
Debut Single on Vengeance Records released in July 1977. They would go on to sign with CBS.

Radio Wunderbar - The Carpettes
From their Debut Self-titled EP and the third release from Small Wonder Records in December 1977.

Sick Of Being Sick - The Damned
B-Side of Stretcher Case Baby Single that was a Limited Edition of 5,000 copies given away at concerts at The Marquee in July 1977 to celebrate the first anniversary of the band. The version on the Playlist is from the John Peel Session recorded in May 1977 for their second session.

Action Time and Vision - Alternative TV
The Single wasn't released until August 1978 but the band recorded a version of it for their Debut John Peel Session that was broadcast on 12th December 1977 and that's the version on the Playlist.

Insane Society - Menace
Y Side of the Debut Single Screwed Up (X-Side) on Illegal Records.

 Nobody's Scared - Subway Sect
The single wasn't actually released until March 1978 but the band did record a version for their Debut Session for John Peel that was broadcast 24th October 1977 (that's the version I have included on the Playlist).

Carbona Not Glue - Ramones
Was included on the initial release of Leave Home but due to a possible Copyright Suit it was removed and replaced with Babysitter in the UK and Sheena Is A Punk Rocker in the US. On the Playlist I have included a Live version from The Second Chance at Ann Arbor on 26th June 1977.

Mony Mony - Celia and The Mutations
Debut Single from Celia and The Mutations on United Artists.
The Mysterious Mutations were of course none other than The Stranglers!
On the B-Side was a song written by The Stranglers.

Saints and Sinners - Johnny and The Self Abusers
One and only single on Chiswick Records from the Scottish band who would go on to much greater things as Simple Minds.

 (My Baby Does) Good Sculptures - The Rezillos
First single for their new label at the time Sire Records and it was a Double A-Side along with Flying Saucer Attack.

Common Truth - Amazorblades
Debut and one and only single released on Chiswick Records in October 1977, the band would all but be a very small footnote in musical history by 1978! I don't know too much about them apart from they hail from Brighton and that members of the band went on to work with the likes of Jah Wobble, Magazine and The Yachts.

Lookin' After No. 1 - The Boomtown Rats
Debut single released on Ensign in 1977 that reached the heady heights of #11 on the UK Singles Chart.

Moving Away From The Pulsebeat - Buzzcocks
From their Debut John Peel Session in September 1977. Still one of my favourite tracks by the band and ended up on their debut album Another Music In A Different Kitchen in 1978 on United Artists.

Smokescreen - The Desperate Bicycles
Debut single on their own label Refill Records in April 1977. They released a few singles and even an album (all on their own label) in 1979 before splitting in 1981.

The Beginning of the End - Eddie and The Hot Rods
Final track on the exceptional second album Life On The Line released in 1977 that reached #27 in the UK Album Chart. The track was written by Dave Higgs and is probably one of my favourite tracks ever by the band.
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