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Saturday, 21 April 2018

New Music 2018: Never Gonna Die - Pennywise (20th April)

Never Gonna Die - Pennywise
Produced By Cameron Webb
Released 20th April 2018

Formats include CD, Download, Blue Vinyl (USA) and Clear Vinyl (Europe)

Listen to Never Gonna Die Here:
A1 Never Gonna Die    
A2 American Lies    
A3 Keep Moving On    
A4 Live While You Can    
A5 We Set Fire    
A6 She Said    
A7 Can't Be Ignored    
B1 Goodbye Bad Times    
B2 A Little Hope    
B3 Won't Give Up The Fight    
B4 Can't Save You Now    
B5 All The Ways U Can Die    
B6 Listen    
B7 Something New

(All Songs and Music written by Pennywise)

Pennywise are:
    Jim Lindberg – lead vocals
    Fletcher Dragge – guitar, backing vocals
    Randy Bradbury – bass, backing vocals
    Byron McMackin – drums, backing vocals 

The last time that Jim Lindberg featured on an album of brand new songs by Pennywise was way back in 2008 on the album Reason To Believe (Released 25th March) and then in August 2009 he left the band. He returned back in 2013 after the departure of Zoli Tรฉglรกs (who only recorded one album with them - All or Nothing in 2012 - that seems to not actually be recognised by the band - it doesn't feature on their websiste at all and they don't play any songs from it at their shows!). He did feature on vocals for the 2014 album Yesterdays but a lot of that is older material that had not been previously recorded.

The album has taken awhile to record but was completed in 2017 and was announced for release back in March. It was released yesterday on Epitaph.

Some fascinating songs on the album show that they have clearly been keeping an eye on the current political climate in their homeland with songs like American Lies:

The political scene coming apart at the seams
Its the end of the American Dream
The temperature is ready to burst
The future is not what it seems for the American Dream
Time has come you know we can't stop it
You know that the end is drawing near
Knocked down the sound of it collapsing
So loud no one can hear
Mindless old tyrants
do you hear the sirens song that will herald your demise
excessive sessions on your transgressions
we're all left sifting through the lies

and in particular A Little Hope and so clearly Can't Save You Now that seems like an outright attack upon the dishonesty of Trump: "All Your Lies Can't Save You Now!"

I'm really impressed with it and actually blasted through it a couple of times last night. Along with Anti-Flag's American Fall, Never Gonna Die is an excellent spotlight on the reaction of musicians to the desperate days they are living in under the reign of Trump!
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