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Thursday, 15 November 2018

Favourite Albums of 2018: Year Zero - The Spitfires (July)

Year Zero - The Spitfires
Hatch Records
Released 27th July 2018

Watch some Promo Videos and listen to the album Year Zero here:

A1 Remains The Same    
A2 Front Line    
A3 Over And Over Again    
A4 Something Worth Fighting For    
A5 By My Side    
B1 Move On    
B2 Sick Of Hanging Around    
B3 The New Age    
B4 Year Zero    
B5 Dreamland

The Spitfires are:
Billy Sullivan - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Sam Long - Bass
Matt Johnson - Drums
Chris Chanell - Keyboards 


The tagline "the difficult third album" proved to be irrelevant when it came to the boys from Watford because they just seem to progress with every release.

I find it very refreshing that as I get older that there are still up and coming bands that thrill me when I listen to them. The Spitfires, from the first time I heard them, made a mark on me and as an old guy I'm more than happy to sing their praises.

I have a feeling that they might not like it too much if I suggest that there are signs here and there in their music that remind me of bands like The Jam and The Purple Hearts but for me they do. Whereas Old Paul Weller has opted this year to release an album of quiet, acoustic and very pastoral songs, The Spitfires have a fire in their belly dealing with social issues and an ever changing politcal landscape. They have added a few Ska/Reggae touches here and there that add good weight to the songs as well which I found most appealing. Billy Sullivan is currently one of a good crop of British Songwriters I think and his band deserve all the good things that are coming to them.

I've seen a number of really positive reviews of the album, even on a couple of Punk websites, and hope that they continue to grow as a band and carve out a niche that is all their own.

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