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Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Favourite Albums of 2018: Lucy and the Rats - Lucy and the Rats (April)

Lucy and the Rats - Lucy and the Rats
Dirty Water Records (CD in the UK)
Stardumb Records/ Surfin' Ki/Monster Zero (Vinyl in Europe)
Produced by Johnny Casino
Released 13th April 2018

Released as:
200 x black vinyl
180 x clear and green marbled vinyl (Stardumb Records)
120 x clear and purple marbled vinyl (Surfin' Ki exclusive)
100 x green vinyl (Stardumb Records exclusive)
100 x white vinyl (Surfin' Ki exclusive)
100 x orange vinyl (Monster Zero exclusive)
Download at Lucy and the Rats
Bandcamp Page

Lucy and the Rats, the name was new to me but the lead vocalist Lucy Ellis was definetely not unknown to me (she formerly went under the name Lucy Spazzy as a member of the excellent Australian Pop/Punk band The Spazzys). Lucy brings that same Pop/Punk meets 60's Garage Rock Indie vibe to this band as was in her previous band The Spazzys.
Prior to the release of their Self-titled album in April of this year they had released they had released two 7" singles (Girl / Lose My Mind - December 2016 on Surfin' Ki Records and This Situation / Melody in January 2017 on Monster Zero).
The band are based in London (Lucy having been in the UK since 2015 apparently).
I'm not even sure how I stumbled on this one, I probably read about it somewhere whilst surfing around (the Web, not literally surfing because I don't think I'd be able to stand up to catch a splash let alone a wave! 😁).
Ever since picking it up way back in April it's been one that has been played on a regular basis because there's something delightful and bouncy about it. It actually reminds me in places of The Darling Buds, back when they were first playing around and releasing Indie singles before they signed to a major. I don't think this one was ever going to be left off the list of my favourites for 2018.

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