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Friday, 14 June 2013

Bruce Springsteen & E Street Band - Highlights from The Wrecking Ball Tour Part Three

All these links are from the 2013 dates: 14th March in Brisbane to the most recent show on 3rd June at the San Siro in Milan.

Shackled and Drawn - Brisbane 14th March.
Apollo Medley - Brisbane 14th March.
High Hopes - Brisbane 16th March.
Spirit in the Night - Brisbane 16th March.
Incident on 57th Street - Brisbane 16th March.
Blinded By The Light (Solo Acoustic) - Brisbane 16th March.
American Land - Sydney 18th March.
Adam Raised A Cain - Sydney 18th March.
Born to Run - Sydney 18th March.
Devil's and Dust (Solo Acoustic) - Sydney 20th March.
Last to Die - Sydney 20th March.
The Promised Land - 20th March.
Cover Me - Sydney 20th March.
My City of Ruins - Sydney 20th March.
The Ghost of Tom Joad - Sydney 20th March.
Thunder Road - Sydney 22nd March.
 Rosalita - Sydney 22nd March.
Dancing in the Dark/Tenth Avenue Freeze Out (vid starts with the end of Born to Run) - Melbourne 24th March.
Red Headed Woman - Melbourne 26th March.
My Love Will Not Let You Down -
Melbourne 27th March.
Better Days - Melbourne 27th March.
Jungleland - Melbourne 27th March.
The RiverHanging Rock 30th March.
Atlantic City/Johnny 99 - Hanging Rock 30th March.
If I Should Fall Behind (Solo Electric) - Hanging Rock 30th March.
Because the Night - Hanging Rock 31st March.
Tougher Than The Rest (with Jimmy Barnes) - Hanging Rock 31st March.
Jackson Cage - Hanging Rock 31st March.
Follow That Dream - Oslo 29th April.
Leap of Faith - Oslo 30th April.
Savin' Up - Oslo 30th April.
The Promise (Solo Piano) - Oslo 30th April.
Mountain of Love (solo) - Stockholm 3rd May.
Wrecking Ball - Stockholm 4th May.
Badlands/Adam Raised A Cain - Stockholm 4th May.
Racing in the Street - Stockholm 4th May.
Radio Nowhere - Stockholm 4th May.
Pink CadillacTurku Finland 8th May.
Brilliant Disguise - Turku Finland 8th May.
I'll Work For Your Love (Solo Acoustic) - Turku Finland 9th May.
Wages of Sin - Turku Finland 9th May.
Downbound Train - Stockholm 11th May.
My Hometown - Stockholm 11th May.
Trapped - Copenhagen 14th May.
Backstreets - Copenhagen 14th May.
Long Walk Home - Herning, Denmark 16th May.
Hungry Heart/Tougher Than The Rest - Herning, Denmark 16th May.
I Wish I Were Blind (Solo Acoustic) - Herning, Denmark 16th May.
Thunder Road (Acoustic Solo) - Napoli 23rd May.
Munich 26th May - Complete Performance of 'Born in the U.S.A.'

 Jack of All Trades - Hannover 28th May.
The River - Hannover 28th May.
Because The Night - Hannover 28th May.
 Open All Night - Hannover 28th May.
Boom Boom - Padova 31st May.
Pay Me My Money Down - Padova 31st May.
The Complete Milano Show - San Siro, Milan 3rd June.

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