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Monday, 3 June 2013

Happy 35th Birthday: Darkness on the Edge of Town

Read Rolling Stone Article on the album by Dave Marsh.

The Paramount Theatre, Asbury Park, New Jersey. (2009)

Three years after 'Born To Run' finally put Bruce Springsteen on the map of Rock and Roll (he'd been there awhile but not many people had noticed him!) and a bunch of legal hassles with Mike Appel his manager that had been dealt with, Bruce was free again to record and release new music. Problem was that he recorded so many songs that it was going to be hard to pick an album's worth that would communicate just what he wanted to say.

Thanks to the release of the Darkness Boxset and the simultaneous release of 'The Promise' we got a little look into the whole process of Springsteen's heart and mind during that time and were able to witness the creativity of those days.

It's a rare thing these days when Bruce doesn't play a single song from 'Darkness at the Edge of Town', the songs have stood the test of time and still have something to say 35 years later.

From a personal point of view 'Darkness' remains as one of my favourite works from Springsteen. It may be an album that seems full of despair, loss, human frailty, and bitterness but there's also faith, hope, love and belief that there can be a brighter day coming.

Happy Birthday Darkness, you have been a good friend on my own journey.
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