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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Basically Johnny Moped (Documentary June 2013)

Did anything good ever come out of Croydon? It's a great question and there are three answers to it. 

1. The Damned
2. Kirsty MacColl
3. Johnny Moped

The first two you will of course know very well but the third? I bet when you read it you spoke out loud, "Johnny who?"

A new Documentary has been released entitled 'Basically Johnny Moped' and is going to be shown as part of the Sheffield Documentary Festival. For information as to where and when it is on CLICK HERE.

 August 1977

Johnny Moped on this classic album from June 1977.
 Featured the amazing 'Hard Loving Man'.

January 1978

Something Else/It Really Digs (B-Sides)

June 1978
Little Queenie/Hard Lovin' Man (B-side).

The Debut Album (April 1978)

May 1991

* Kirsty MacColl would record the song with Billy Bragg on vocals for the B-side of 'Walking Down Madison'.
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