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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Rewind: Born In The U.S.A. Released This Day in 1984

'Born In The U.S.A.', Springsteen's seventh studio release followed hot on the trail of the minimalist 'Nebraska', and in many ways both albums are joined at the hip despite their apparent differences. Bruce had begun writing songs for the follow up to 'The River' and in essence many of the songs that ended up as part of 'Nebraska' were going to be band songs but for one reason or another once they got to the studio the songs didn't seem to work (though if you listen to many of the songs now as they are performed in concert you wonder how on earth they couldn't get them to work first time around!).

The album would become one of his biggest sellers and would also be the best selling album of 1985. Seven of the twelve tracks ended up as singles (and all of them became hits!)!

'Dancing in the Dark' backed by 'Pink Cadillac' was also released as a 12" and a 12" of Remixes!! The single reached #2 in the USA and #4 in the UK.

'Cover Me' was backed by a live version of 'Jersey Girl', a cover version of a Tom Waits song. Reached #7 in the USA and #16 in the UK. 12" Remix was also released.

Backed by 'Shut Out The Light', the title track of the album became the third single to hit the charts. #9 in the USA and #5 in the UK. Arthur Baker again did a remix of the track entitled 'The Freedom Mix'.

A bit of a quieter number was released as the fourth single from the album and again it hit the charts reaching #6 in the USA and #5 in the UK. Backed by 'Johnny Bye Bye' ad adaptation of Chuck Berry's 'Bye Bye Johnny'.

A real bar room stomper was released next in 'Glory Days', backed by another rock and roll tune, 'Stand On It'. Reached #5 in the USA but only #17 in the UK.

Failed to chart in the UK but reached #9 in the USA. The single was backed by the unreleased 'Janey Don't You Lose Heart'. I remember Capital Radio DJ Roger Scott played 'Janey' quite a lot and that it was in the daily top ten on his show for a good few weeks.

The seventh and final single to be pulled from 'Born In The U.S.A.' was 'My Hometown' backed by 'Santa Claus Is Coming To Town'. It was fitting for 'Santa' to be included as the single got it's release in November and was primed and ready for Christmas! The version on teh single was actually recorded in 1975 on 12th December at Long Island. Reached #6 in the USA and #9 in the UK.

Twenty five days after the release of the album Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band (minus Little Steven but with the addition of Nils Lofgren and Patti Scialfa) would launch the 'Born In The USA World Tour' with a three night stand at St Paul's, Minneapolis (listen to the opening night concert here!) and a further 153 shows to follow (taking in Australia, Japan and Europe).

Watch Bruce and The E Street Band Perform 'Born In The U.S.A.' at Giants Stadium 3rd October 2009.

Here's a little look at the album, the links are for Official Video releases and also contain some live footage for songs that didn't have an Offical Video.

Side one
  1. "Born in the U.S.A." – 4:39
  2. "Cover Me" – 3:27
  3. "Darlington County" – 4:48
  4. "Working on the Highway" – 3:11
  5. "Downbound Train" – 3:35
  6. "I'm on Fire" – 2:37
Side two
  1. "No Surrender" – 4:00
  2. "Bobby Jean" – 3:46
  3. "I'm Goin' Down" – 3:29
  4. "Glory Days" – 4:15
  5. "Dancing in the Dark" – 4:00
  6. "My Hometown" – 4:34
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