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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Tankus The Henge - Quite Possibly My Fav Album Of The Moment

One of my friends encouraged a listen to this album from Tankus The Henge yesterday and I'm glad I took up that offer. This album has rocketed into my favourite albums of the year list.

It's fascinating music to my ears. There's a whole bundle of influences that seems to creep through every track and on the first listen I thought The Kinks, Madness and Blur shone through. I'm certain a few more listens will bring out more and more comparisons. After listening to the album I posted on their Facebook page:

"Having just heard your album for the first time I am now playing it a second time. This is gloriously wonderful. So fresh and if I didn't have sore feet I'd be dancing like a clown on the first night of the circus coming to town."

The album was released in April of this year, There is little information that I know about the band so I've been surfing around trying to find out something about them. This is what their Reverbnation page says about them:

"The world of Tankus the Henge is uplifting and wild, dark and heartfelt.
A six piece powerhouse of a band drawing visual and musical influences from old time Fairgrounds to modern day Circus; The Beatles to Tom Waits and Gogol Bordello to Radiohead, they embody a look and a sound that lies somewhere between their South East London home and the carnival town of New Orleans.

With their charismatic frontman, Jaz Delorean, looking like a lost character from a Terry Gilliam film and the pump and grind of the Tankus the Henge sound generating a groove that makes it impossible to stand still, their live show ebbs and flows like a small boat on a turbulent sea.
Any other band who billed themselves as "the most fantastic band in the world" would rightly quake in their boots at having to live up to such fanfare. Tankus the Henge defy you to contradict them!"

Here's a decent review of the album and from the same writer a really good live review.

Now, listen to the music and make your own mind up.

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