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Friday, 28 March 2014

Rewind: The Action 1963-68

Reg King - Vocals
Alan 'Bam' King - Guitar and Vocals
Mike 'Ace' Evans - Bass and Vocals
Roger Powell - Drums
Peter Watson - Guitar and Vocals

One of the most underrated bands to come out of the 1960's in my honest opinion were The Action, hailing from Kentish Town, North West London.

 “We all tried our hand at getting that [Motown] sound you know... all the bands in the mid ‘60s.
The best ones at it were the Action... They were an amazing band.” (Steve Marriott, 1987)

"Of all the groups to emerge during the 1960s British beat explosion THE ACTION are most deserving of the epithet “unsung”." (Sir George Martin)

Prior to becoming The Action they had begun life in 1963 as The Boys and had recorded a couple of singles, firstly as Sandra Barry and The Boys:

What was probably unusual for the time, both the A-side and B-side of the single were written by vocalist Reg King.

The Second single, released just as The Boys was 'It Ain't Fair' (November 1964 on Pye Records).

In 1965, with the addition of Peter Watson on guitar the band changed their name to The Action.

They also signed with Parlophone and released their debut single:

Peter Watson left the band in 1966 and The Action were seemingly getting nowhere. The critics enjoyed their music but they just couldn't get a hit record. Even the February 1966 follow-up to the 'Land' single didn't even make a dent.

A few more singles followed on Parlophone before they were let go by the company: 

Never EverTwenty Fourth Hour - February 1967.

Reg King would leave the band in 1967 with Alan King taking over on vocals and only one more single would see the light of day:

German only release in 1968.

Reg King would go on and have a bit of a solo career releasing a single:
And an album in 1971 also:
Reg King died in 2010 from Cancer.

Alan King went on to form Psychedelic band Mighty Baby (with Evans and Powell of The Action) who released a couple of albums between 1969-71.

Mike 'Ace' Evans died on 15th January 2010.

Alan 'Bam' King went on to form Ace featuring Paul Carrick. They released three albums between 1974-77, and a number of singles, most which didn't sell well or even chart but their debut single 'How Long' peaked at #20 in the UK and hit #3 in the US Billboard Chart.
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