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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Wilko Johnson/Roger Daltrey - Going Back Home (2014)

It took a good few years from the original desire to work together to finally get Wilko Johnson and Roger Daltrey in the same studio and boy how we are glad that Wilko has not passed out of this world just yet because we might never have seen this happen.

So, 'Going Back Home' is released on Chess Records! It seems perfectly fitting for these two blues warriors who have thrilled us with their own brand of Chicago Blues to get the album released on the the label that first brought to our attention the likes of Bo Diddley, Little Walter, Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon and Chuck Berry.

The album is made up of ten Johnson originals (from his days in Dr Feelgood and his group The Solid Senders) and a cover version of a Bob Dylan track - 'Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window?' (originally released by Bob on 'Highway 61 Revisited').

My only criticism is that it is only 35mins long.. But I won't dwell on that because thankfully we have a repeat button, so we can just play it again and again!

Daltrey actually is sounding fantastic, and for a bloke of 70 years, his pipes seem to be in great condition as he pulls off moment after moment on the album.

04. Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window?
05. Turned 21.
06. Keep On Loving You.
08. Sneaking Suspicion.**
09. Keep It Out of Sight.**

*This is the Promo Video.
** This is a studio version as it appears on the album. Some links have been removed by you tube.
*** Denotes a live version from the Empire show in London.

The Times + Event with Wilko and Roger.

1. All Right
2. Barbed Wire Blues - 3:37
3. The More I Give - 8:07
4. Dr Dupree - 11:42
5. When I'm Gone - 15:57
6. Roxette (long version) - 24:30
Part 2: Wilko, Norman, Dylan, Roger Daltrey (Vocals), Mick Talbot (Keys), Steve Weston (Harmonica)
7. Going Back Home - 30:35
8. Keep It To Myself - 34:32
9. Please Crawl Out Your Window - 39:45
10. Keep On Loving You - 44:00
11. Some Kind Of Hero - 50:03
12. Ice On The Motorway - 54:36
13. Sneakin Suspicion - 57:58
14. Everybody's Carrying A Gun - 1:03:50
15. Keep It Out Of Sight 1:08:15
16. All Through The City - 1:13:13
17. I Can't Explain - 1:17:40
18. Keep It To Myself (again!) - 1:21:40

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