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Friday, 14 July 2017

45RPM: #128 Dedicated To The One I Love - A Brief History

On this day in 1926 Lowman "Pete" Pauling was born. He was the guitarist of The "5" Royales, who in 2012 were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (after twice being nominated and failing in 2002 and 2004!). Sadly, none of the band were alive to celebrate this great achievement. Pauling passed away in December 1973, from an apparent seizure after battling alcoholism for years.

You might be thinking, "What on earth has he got to do with the song Dedicated To The One I Love?" Well, the answer to that question is simple, he was the man who wrote it and his band were the first to record and release it.

Here's a brief history of the song. It has been recorded a number of times by many different artists ( there's a load of links down at the bottom of the page to check out) over the years for albums and released as an A-Side and B-Side for a few artists as well and below is just a snapshot of its release on 7" Vinyl.

 The song was featured on the Debut Album of The "5" Royales entitled Dedicated To You (Listen To the Album Here).
They also released it as a single in December 1957 and it was a minor hit!

Dedicated To The One I Love / Don't Be Ashamed - The "5" Royales
Released December 1957
US R&B Chart #13

 Dedicated To The One I Love / Look A Here Baby
Released May 1959
US Chart #83

The first time around the fourth Single for The Shirelles was a very minor hit creeping into the lower reaches of the chart but when re-issued in 1961 it became their second of five Top Ten Hits between 1961-1963.

 Dedicated To The One I Love / Look A Here Baby
Scepter Records
Re-issue May 1961
US Chart #3
US R&B Chart #2

Dedicated To The One I Love / Miracle of Love - The "5" Royales
Re-issue (different B-Side) 1961
Did Not Chart

I am assuming, as I don't know the release date for the re-issue of The "5" Royales' version of the song, that King Records had sought to give it a new lease of life in response to The Shirelles having a huge hit

Runnin' Bear '65 / Dedicated To The One I Love - Johnny Preston
Hall Records
Released March 1965
Did Not Chart

 Dedicated To The One I Love / Free Advice - The Mamas & The Papas
Released February 1967
US Chart #2
UK Chart #2
Australian Chart #3

(German Picture Sleeve)

Probably the version that most people are aware of was recorded by The Mamas & The Papas in November 1966 and then released as a single in February 1967. It was a huge hit both sides of the Atlantic. It was their fifth Top Five Single in the USA and their second Top Five Single in the UK.
This release for The Mamas & The Papas was a little different as it was the first to feature as the lead vocalist Michelle Phillips.

Love Machine / Dedicated To The One I Love* - The O'Kaysions
ABC Records
Released November 1968
US Chart #76

*Can't seem to find a version of this on You Tube

Dedicated To The One I Love / I Love You, You Love Me - The Temprees
We Produce Records
Released August 1972
US Chart #93
US R&B Chart #17

Dedicated To The One I Love / Broadway Baby - Bernadette Peters
MCA Records
Released August 1981
US Hot 100 Chart #65

Dedicated To The One I Love / It Keeps Rainin' (Live) - Bitty McLean
Released March 1995
UK Chart #6

Other Cover Versions of Dedicated To The One I Love

A Wee Bonus
Dedicated  - A Salute to The 5 Royales - Steve Cropper
429 Records
Released 2011

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