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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Hanoi Rocks Boxsets (October/November 2016)

There's a couple of things from Hanoi Rocks that came out the tail end of last year that I wasn't aware of until recently. Quite similar but from different labels.

Strange Boys Box - Hanoi Rocks
Released October 2016

The Limited Edition Boxset comes as either a 5CD set or as a 6 LP Set (though the label haven't actually said exactly how limited it will be)

(Click On The Links Below To Listen To The Music)

It contains:

The above Boxset from Hanoi Rocks was not actually the only boxset to be released in 2016 in their name. 

In November 2016 there was also this one released as a 6 LP Set.

Johanna, the label that had released all their albums prior to signing to CBS, based in Finland issued a Limited Edition (500 Copies) Boxset called Mental Beat 1980-1985 that collected together their first four albums (not the Live Album),

 Two Steps To The Move and also another collection called Rebels On The Run (which was subsequently released as a stand alone CD on Ainoa! label in Finland).

The Strange Boys Box I saw reviewed in the latest issue of Classic Rock. They gave it 7 out of 10 and basically called it a "Flawed Box". Ian Fortnam, who "reviewed" it seemed to spotlight Razzle's death and the fact that he maybe didn't look so good wearing lipstick as the bookend to his piece whilst stating inbetween that "their first five albums are far from flawless".

But for me, therein lies the charm of these albums. They weren't perfect soundwise (after all the band were still finding their way in the studio) but musically they captured Hanoi Rocks in all their glamorous and decadent glory.

Standout tracks for me are:
Bangkok Shocks Saigon Shakes Hanoi Rocks: Tragedy, Lost In The City, and 11th Street Kidzz.

Self Destruction Blues: Kill City Kills, Beer and a Cigarette and Taxi Driver.

All These Wasted Years: The whole album is an absolute delight and I've said it often that it is one of my favourite Live Albums ever! Until I Get You and Don't Never Leave Me in particular are two of my favourites though.

By the time they got it "right" when Two Steps To Move was recorded it lost a little of the swagger because it was almost too perfect (though still a great sounding album I think)!

Standouts on Rebels On The Run: Rebel On The Run, Two Steps From The Move and Oil and Gasoline.

No doubt the 500 Copies of Mental Beat 1980-1985 are long gone but you can still get the Strange Boys Box on Amazon.

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