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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The Who v The Stones

A lot has been said the past couple of days about The Rolling Stones show at the O2 in the London the other night and it seems people have been falling over themselves to give big ups to Jagger and Co. for a job well done. I don't for a minute discount that on their night they are pretty good live but from the evidence of tv footage and you tube footage that I've watched Jagger sounds just a little rough around the edges! I mean, he was never the world's greatest singers in the first place but being in good voice for a show of this magnitude and the fact that the punters have spent their hard earned cash to get even a "cheap seat", you would have thought that Jagger would have stepped up his game just a little.

On the other side of the pond at the moment those other 1960's icons, The Who have been laying waste to audiences with fantastic performances of 'Quadrophenia'. The Who are sounding just as good as they have done for years. Daltrey is in fine voice and I'm sure that his recent solo tour had a lot to do with how good he sounds at the moment. Townshend as well is sounding good, he was never a great vocalist either but he's sounding a lot better than Jagger is!

If given the choice of a ticket for either The Who or The Rolling Stones I wouldn't have to think too much about it. The Who would win out everytime!
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