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Thursday, 1 November 2012

We Don't Do Advertising, But If We Did This Would Be Top Of Our List: Andy Kershaw - No Off Switch

The paperback edition of 'No Off Switch' is now available as is the Audio Book.

Forget biographies penned by Ghost Writers, and toss aside the notion that you need yet another Celebrity Cook Book or Diet Book by some third rate actress from a below par Soap Opera.

What you need is a book about life in all it's complicated dimensions that speaks of Music, Politics, More Music, Fatherhood and World Travel and it's all wrapped up in that warm bundle of fun from Yorkshire who delighted us for many a year on the airwaves of the BBC and on BBC TV - that man is Andy Kershaw.

Here at Soundtrack4Life we don't often get that excited that we tell you where to spend your hard earned cash but if you are thinking about buying a book and you are not quite sure what book, let us save you the time and energy and spare some of your brain power: GO AND BUY THIS BOOK! 

Even Andy's Dog Buster thinks you should read this book! 
 (Photo by Andy Kershaw)

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