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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Five Questions with Del Bartle of The Godfathers

Taking a very short breather from the tour with The Stranglers and out promoting the very brilliant new album by The Godfathers, Del Bartle (guitar and vocals) kindly took a moment to answer a few questions, much appreciated as well.

S4L: First new album for The Godfathers in years, how excited are you about finally getting it out?

Del: Well, i can't really comment on that as i wasn't working with them in 1995, but was chiefly working on the other side of the fence as it were at the time, for Joe Boyd and Co, at Rykodisc/Hannibal, although i did get involved in a few musical ventures in the 90s, including appearing alongside Christian Bale briefly and writing & performing music for the film 'Metroland' (in the guise of the spoof punk band The Subverts!) which was released in '98.

S4L: Does the new music stand up well against the backdrop of the older, classic Godfathers songs?

Del: Stand up? it's by far the best Godfathers album as far as i'm concerned ..... yes, i would say that, wouldn't i? lol 

S4L: Do you have any particular favourite off the new album that you think is received well when you play it live?

Del: Well, as i had a hand in every single track on the album, i don't really have any particular favourites. Although i think it's a bit of a pity that we are currently only playing four or five of the tracks from the new album, personally i would do more, especially 'Let Your Hair Hand Down' which may well be the next single.

S4L:You are out on tour with The Stranglers at the moment, do you find a lot of joy in the live experience seeing that you have been at it for many years?

Del: I always enjoy playing live so long as the band is rocking (which in most cases it is thankfully) whether it's in front of 3000 people, or in a pub to 30 people .... which is much harder to do, i may add! 

S4L: Why should people go out and buy 'Jukebox Fury'?

Del: Because for one thing, it's the first album by the core of The Sid Presley Experience, which is what the sound of this Godfathers is in reality. There is a great diversity of songs, and hopefully nothing that will lead listeners to the pub rock plodders conclusions, like previous Godfathers material has in some cases.

 If you get the chance to checkout the band live then do so here's the current tour information.

As for the album 'Jukebox Fury' Soundtrack4Life truly believes this is a wonderful work of quality rock and roll. If we had to give it marks out of ten then we could honestly say that we could do no better than give it eleven!
The Godfathers in 2013 deserve to be heard by many.

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