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Friday, 10 May 2013

Back When B-Sides Were Great by Doug (S4L) and Gary Razorpop

I was reminiscing earlier with my fb friend Gary Razorpop from Baltimore and he gave me the idea for this blogpost and so we decided between us to come up with a list of some of our favourite B-sides from a time when B-sides mattered. These days of the CD single means that B-sides are deemed quite irrelevant (unless the particular artist chooses to release the single on vinyl). So these B-sides are just a few of our favourites out of a pile of great singles.

So Gary Razorpop and I have decided to collaborate on this post and we hope you enjoy the results. Click on the links that are marked in this colour to listen to the tracks.


 Man of the Year. - Doug's Choice.

I Caught You Out - Gary's Choice

Bored Teenagers. - Doug's Choice.

 Muzak - Gary's Choice

I Wanna Be Me. - Doug's Choice.

You Jane - Gary's Choice

 The Prisoner. - Doug's Choice. 

No Place Like Home - Gary's Choice

 Day by Day. - Doug's Choice.

Hip City - Gary's Choice 

Ignore Them. - Doug's Choice.

Bank Holiday Weekend - Gary's Choice 

Hell in New York. - Doug's Choice. 

Time - Gary's Choice 

 Do The Rat. - Doug's Choice.

Scum of the Earth - Gary's Choice

Why Can't I Touch It? - Doug's Choice. 

 Baby Snatcher - Gary's Choice

Next up, The Wasting Land Shed share some of their favourite B-sides
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