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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The 45's - Carlisle's Latest Sensation!

Carlisle is not exactly the kind of place that you expect music with real quality to stem from and so when given the opportunity to listen to these guys and check out a few more videos on You Tube I have to say I'm blown away.

A few weeks ago I was raving about The Strypes and my friend Karl Parsons has just put me onto this little band, The 45's (of course he's got every right to be excited as he's managing them). Nothing more exciting to me than seeing young lads (who are still at school!) discovering the wonders of good solid down to earth R 'n' B, Blues and Rock and Roll.

I wish them well for the future and I'm sure that Karl with his wisdom will help keep the lads grounded.

The 45s. High octane Rhythm and Blues by 4 sonic schoolmates from Carlisle, UK

Metaphorically stepping straight from a 1950’s time machine, sent from Mississippi and crash landing in Cumbria, the group come vocally and visually inspired by the sentiment and character of the 50’s. Harnessing their songwriting talent with an explosive repertoire of classic sounds and lyrics the band pass an admirable nod to International blues legends including Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters and Bo Diddley, together with the outrageous techniques of guitar hero Wilko of Dr. Feelgood.
For more info check out the band's website: CLICK HERE.
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