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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Jars of Clay in Glasgow 22nd May 2013

Very, very excited as on Wednesday me and my good lady are off to Glasgow to see Jars of Clay play their first ever show in the City. Last time we saw them in concert was a long time ago (2002) at AtlantaFest (AtlantaFest photos below - Angie Westin).

What was real special about their performance that night headlining the opening day of AtlantaFest was that they had recently released one of their best ever albums in 'The Eleventh Hour' and some of those songs were just amazing live.


Since the release of 'The Eleventh Hour' they have released some cracking music. In 2003 they released 'Who We Are Instead' that included two great singles: 'Sunny Days' and 'Show You Love'. Also on the album was the excellent 'Amazing Grace'.

They followed up with a great collection called 'Redemption Songs' that included originals like 'God Will Lift Up Your Head', and cover versions like 'Nothing But The Blood' with The Blind Boys of Alabama.

In 2006 they released 'Good Monsters' and again it was an album packed with wonderful songs: 'Oh My God', 'Good Monsters', 'Work', 'Dead Man (Carry Me)', 'There Is A River', and not forgetting their excellent cover version of Julie Miller's 'All My Tears'.

'Long Fall Back To Earth' came three years later and that includes two of their finest songs to date: 'Closer' and 'Two Hands'.

'Shelter' came next in 2010 and that's a pretty interesting album as it's mostly collaborations with other artists like Brandon Heath ('Small Rebellions'), Gungor ('We Will Follow'), Mac Powell ('Eyes Wide Open'), TobyMac ('Shelter'), David Crowder ('Lay It Down'), Sara Groves ('Love Will Find Us') and Amy Grant ('Benediction') to name but a few.

In August they will hopefully be releasing a brand new album entitled 'Inland'. Maybe at the show we might get the chance to hear some of the new songs from it.

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