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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Jelly - Troubadour, Wizard, The Queen And The Machine - May 2013

(Album Artwork by Vera Wild. Picture by Cristina Rossi)

(photo byAshlinn Nash from the Jelly Facebook Page)

4. The Note
7. Maybe I'm Stupid
8. Hush Now
9. Alice In Paris

(photo byAshlinn Nash from the Jelly Facebook Page)

From their Facebook Page - What Jelly Want You To Know About Them:

Passionate tunes, sinister undertones and a pop punk sensibility infused with a hint of the troubador.

A one off advertisement sent from Switzerland, fused with a once only look at the classified ads….
The synchronicity of these events put Mickey Howard (guitar), Stevie Bray (vocals/drums) and Vera Wild (bass) into the same frame for the first time– all from ex name bands and all hungry to get playing live. The three made an excellent writing team and with Stevie naturally falling into the roll as front man and vocalist, the bands needs now shifted to drummer hunting. Having known of Martin Drees for a while, he was invited for a jam and hasn’t gone home since. 

What I Want You To Know About Jelly!
London based band Jelly can count themselves most fortunate that their individual paths crossed and they hooked up with each other with the common goal of making great music!

Now, this is what you call a debut album! Eleven slices of superb rock and roll that hopefully will give them a platform to better things. Musically it is very tight, with some classy guitar moments from Mickey Howard, and a vocalist in Stevie Bray who reminds me of a cross between Ian Hunter of Mott the Hoople with a Pete Shelly (Buzzcocks) sensitivity. Martin Drees provides the backbeat that puts the songs in your face.

I should mention as well that they have a pretty tidy looking bassist in Vera Wild (she can play and sing as well and is not just eye candy for the punters!). Vera's presence is obviously a lesson the band took from one of their influences The Smashing Pumpkins!

For Information on how to get 'Troubadour, Wizard, The Queen And The Machine' Click Here to Go To Jelly's Facebook Page.

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