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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Alphabet Beats #007: The Letter A is for...Allo Darlin'

Is for
Allo Darlin'  are a London based Indie Pop band that have released three stonkingly good albums. Bill Botting and Elizabeth Morris are actually originally from Australia, whilst the remaining members of the band, Michael Collins and Paul Rains hail from Kent.

Allo Darlin’s songs are like the feel of your favourite jumper or the smell of the sofa at your nan’s house; they’re like the pub you used to go to when you were just 17, before they redecorated it and the old landlord with the rum sense of humour left; they’re like hot chocolate when it’s freezing outside and cola flavour freezepops in the middle of summer. They are warm and somehow familiar, but still fresh and exciting, like meeting up with an old friend from school, getting a bit drunk and finding yourself, quite unexpectedly, falling in love. You will want to take them back to your flat and make them an intimate part of your memories. They will make you feel at home, anywhere.” - Robert Barry, The Quietus

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Check Out The Official Allo Darlin' Website for more information regarding the band, their music, their live shows etc.
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