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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Alphabet Beats #018: The Letter C is for...Cheap Trick

C is for

The spotlight of Alphabet Beats shines brightly today on Rockford, Illinois and a band that have been on the go since 1974 and released their first music back in 1977.

They have released 17 studio albums, 7 live albums, more than 30 singles, have had music appear on the soundtrack to at least 20 movies and there have been at least 13 compilations of their music.

Their name was inspired by a quote from founding member Tom Peterson after seeing Slade in concert where he declared that they used "every cheap trick in the book" as part of their act.

Whilst not having much success with their first three albums in the States, their third, Heaven Tonight, turned them into megastars in Japan of all places! During their first tour of the country they recorded two shows that would become Cheap Trick at the Budokan, an album intended for the Japanese market but such was the demand on import it was eventually released in the USA in 1979. It was that album that made them International Stars.

Cheap Trick
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Cheap Trick

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