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Saturday, 31 January 2015

Alphabet Beats #031: E is for...Eddie and The Hot Rods

E is for...

Eddie and The Hot Rods

This year sees the 40th Anniversary of one of the finest bands to stem from Canvey Island - Eddie and The Hot Rods (Dr Feelgood are of course the other one).

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Albums and Compilations

Teenage Depression (1976), Island – UK No. 43 
Life on the Line (1977), Island – UK No. 27 
Thriller (1979), Island – UK No. 50 
Gasoline Days (1996), Creative Man.

The Singles/EP's

Writing on the Wall / Crusin' (in the Lincoln), 1975.

Wooly BullyHorseplay (Weary of the Schmatlz), 1976.

Teenage Depression / Shake, 1976.

Live At The Marquee EP, 1976.

I Might Be Lying / Ignore Them, 1977.

Do Anything You Wanna Do / Schoolgirl Love, 1977.

'Til The Night is Gone / Flipside Rock, 1977 with Rob Tyner.

At The Speed of Sound EP, 1977 
Hard Drivin' Man / Horseplay / Double Checkin' Woman / All I Need is Money / On The Run (on 12-inch version only).
Quit This Town / Distortion May Be Expected, 1978.

Life On The Line / Do Anything You Wanna Do (live) / (I Don't Know) What's Really Going On (live) / Why Can't It Be (live), 1978.

Media Messiahs / Horror Through the Straightness, 1978.

Power and the Glory / Highlands One, Hopefuls Two, 1979.

At Night / You Better Run / Looking Around, 1980.

Wide Eyed Kids / Leave Us Alone, 1980.

Farther on Down the Road (You Will Accompany Me) / Fish 'n' Chips, 1981.

Fought For You / Hey Tonight, 1985.

Coming Soon

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Live in San Francisco 2014

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