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Monday, 26 January 2015

Alphabet Beats #026: The Letter D is for...Dion

D is for...

Ever since I was a kid there was one guy whose music has always gripped me, and as I got older the music of Dion DiMucci has never been too far away from me, whether it be his solo material or some of the great music he released alongside The Belmonts.

 Dion and The Belmonts

I love the fact that at the age of 75 he still actually sounds great (check out what he did for the album 'The Art of McCartney') and maybe not as much as he once did he is still playing live shows. Sometimes it's hard to take it all in, but Dion has been doing what he loves since 1957!

If Bruce Springsteen is The Boss of New Jersey, then Dion DiMucci is, as his song testifies, 'The King of the New York Streets'.

Of all the Rock and Roll Legends whose music that I totally love the sound of Dion DiMucci sits pretty at #2 behind Buddy Holly (I'm sure he won't mind that all!). He is a multi-dimensional artist as well having dipped his toes in the world of Doo Wop, Rock and Roll, Pop, Gospel, Rock and The Blues. He's released a lot over the years, some fantastic, others by no means perfect but containing enough to make it worthwhile listening (though there's been a lot the music critics have been not too pleased with!).

So for today's Alphabet Beats it's really a lesson in the craft of longevity as an artist, so get your pen and paper ready, get your ears and your heart prepared because school is now in session...

The Music
Dion and The Belmonts

Dion Solo
*Where Full Albums are not available I've tried to find at least the title track (or another track) from the album.

More Dion
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