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Thursday, 28 July 2011

The Head Cat

I have to say that I am well impressed with this project that Lemmy, Slim Jim Phantom and Danny B. Harvey have put together. When their debut album was released back in 2006 very little notice of it seems to have been taken. According to Lemmy the sales were pretty woeful. I will admit that I never even heard the album myself up until a week ago and was blown away by just how good it is.

Lemmy actually seems pretty suited to churning out these rock and roll classics and of course he is better known for a more heavier breed of rock and roll with Motorhead. But hearing him belt out Buddy Holly tunes you would think it wouldn't work so well, but it does.

The Head Cat have just released their 2nd album - 'Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk'. Once again it is brimming over with great Rock and Roll standards like 'Say Mama', 'Shakin All Over', 'Something Else', 'Let It Rock' and even a spot of The Beatles' 'You Can't Do That'. What stands out though on this album is the inclusion of a couple of originals, 'American Beat' and a brilliant little Blues number called 'The Eagle Flies on Friday'

Lemmy reckons that The Head Cat are not actually that much different from Motorhead and said in a recent interview with Classic Rock that he wants to go out and tour properly with the band. It seems that The Head Cat will be an ongoing concern - "There's no reason why we can't aim to do an album a year. It's not as if we are short of songs to cover. There must be a 1,000 of them at least. And because hardly any are more than two minutes long there's no time for people to get bored. That's Rock 'n'Roll."

Something Else

Shakin' All Over

Let It Rock

The American Beat (Audio Only)

The Eagle Flies On Friday
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