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Friday, 16 September 2011

The Alarm 25th May 2011 Glasgow ABC

I can't believe that I never posted about this night over here on my blogger page before, well better late than never I say!

Wednesday 25th May 2011 will live long in my memory as the day I joined The Alarm! "Are you kidding?" I hear you ask. It's totally true (see certificate below)

So, you are probably wondering how this all came about.

As part of the 30th Anniversary celebrations of The Alarm each night of the tour a new member was added to the band for one night only. Bids were placed (with the money going to Love Hope Strength Foundation) and the winner got the opportunity to come out on stage with the band to sing 'Love Hope Strength'. Some played Tambourines, others drums, and some guitar, whilst others just sang. I added two new instruments to Alarm history: A Kazoo and a Uklele! Was able to raise some good cash that would stay in Glasgow and go towards a Cancer Charity (and the bidding war was quite incredible and went right to the deadline).

Andy Labrow looked after me and got the band photos done in the dressing room. Got a bunch of stuff signed including the Uklele (which Mike insisted I took on stage with me) and some CD's (in particular one by a band called The Smart that James played in back in the 80's and there was much merriment over that!).

The Setlist for the show was pretty impressive:

Here's some footage from that night (apologies for the sound quality):


The Stand

Unbreak The Promise

Absolute Reality

Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke

Spirit of 76

68 Guns

I was a little bit nervous as the band ended their set with a mind blowing '68 Guns' knowing that I'd be up there any moment. After Mike gave his little introduction about Love Hope Strength Foundation he invited me onto the stage and what a great sight seeing The Alarm Crew warmly welcoming me to the fold.

Love Hope Strength (with Doug Watson)

Marching On

Blaze of Glory

Check out more about The Alarm Here
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