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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The Jesus and Mary Chain - Psychocandy Deluxe Edition

November 1985 saw the release of one of the most eagerly awaited debut albums ever. Throughout the year we had little tasters with three cracking singles ('Never Understand', 'You Trip Me Up' and the beautiful 'Just Like Honey'). The press had given the impression that these new wonders of the Indie Scene were just about riots at live shows and heavy duty feeback. But The Jesus and Mary Chain were so much more than that and the album 'Psychocandy' proved beyond doubt they were pioneering a new kind of sound. That sound combined The Beach Boys, The Shangri-Las, The Velvet Underground, the Phil Spector wall of sound and industrial noise makers EinstΓΌrzende Neubauten. Thrown together the end result was some of the most perfect pop to have ever been released (at least in my mind I think so).

It's hard to believe that 'Psychocandy' only reached number 31 in the album charts (the follow up 'Darklands' would reach #5). Songs like 'The Living End','The Hardest Walk', 'Taste the Floor' and 'In A Hole' are just a few of the beautifully chaotic tunes that make 'Psychocandy' one of the best debut albums. Even today it still sounds so wonderfully uplifting. The reissue programme for The Jesus and Mary Chain looks like it might throw up some great material and if this first one is anything to go by then there's still so much to look forward to.

One of the things on this Deluxe Edition that is priceless is  The John Peel Session that has the band playing four songs Acoustic and these tracks  a great reminder of just how good the band were back in the day and that their music didn't necessarily need all the feedback to stand up.

Disc: 1
1. Just Like Honey
2. The Living End
3. Taste The Floor
4. The Hardest Walk
5. Cut Dead
6. In A Hole
7. Taste Of Cindy
8. Never Understand
9. Inside Me
10. Sowing Seeds
11. My Little Underground
12. You Trip Me Up
13. Something's Wrong
14. It's So Hard
15. Suck - B-Side of 'Never Understand'
16. Ambition - B- Side of 'Never Understand'
17. Just Out Of Reach - B-Side of 'You Trip Me Up'
18. Boyfriend's Dead  - B-Side of 'You Trip Me Up'
19. Head- B-Side of 'Just Like Honey'
20. Cracked - B-Side of 'Just Like Honey'
Disc: 2
Upside Down Single
1. Upside Down
2. Vegetable Man
October 1984 John Peel Session
3. In A Hole
4. You Trip Me Up
5. Never Understand
6. Taste The Floor
February 1985 John Peel Session
7. The Living End
8. Inside Me
9. Just Like Honey
October 1985 John Peel Session - Acoustic
10. Some Candy Talking
11. Psychocandy
12. You Trip Me Up
13. Cut Dead
14. Up Too High
15. Upside Down
16. Never Understand
17. Taste The Floor
18. In A Hole
19. Something's Wrong
20. Just Like Honey
21. The Living End
22. My Little Underground
23. Never Understand(Alternate version)
24. Jesus **** (Previously Unreleased)
Disc: 3
Promo Videos
1. Never Understand
2. You Trip Me Up
3. Just Like Honey
TV Appearances
4. In A Hole - Old Grey Whistle Test
5. Riot at North London Polytechnic - Interview and Live Clips
6. Interview - VRT, Belgium
7. Never Understand - VRT, Belgium
8. Just Like Honey - The Tube
9. Inside Me - The Tube
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