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Friday, 23 September 2011

Happy Birthday to The Boss

Happy Birthday to Bruce, 62 years young today!

Days of Hope and Dreams: An Intimate Portrait of Bruce Springsteen by Frank Stefanko

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In 2003, Frank Stefanko released his book of photographs of Bruce Springsteen taken from 1978 to 1982. The photographs were from shooting sessions with Bruce and the E Street Band while working on album covers for Darkness on the Edge of Town, The River, and Nebraska. Along with many insightful and intimate images of Bruce and the Band, Frank invites the reader to join him at these sessions, writing a warm, narrative that places the reader at the scene, and gives you a perspective as if you were there.
The first edition of the book, printed as a softcover, sold out in the first few years -- copies have since appeared on eBay for big dollars. We are delighted to announce that, by popular demand, after a long wait, the second edition of Days of Hope and Dreams: An Intimate Portrait of Bruce Springsteen by Frank Stefanko (with an introduction by Bruce Springsteen, and a foreword by Chris Murray) will be released by Insight Editions in early September.
This new, second edition, unlike the first edition, will be a hardcover, coffee table edition with a new cover photograph. This will be the only change from the first edition.
"Frank always shot your internal life. He let your external imperfections show. His photos had a purity and poetry; there was some humor in their laconicness. In the aftermath of Born to Run, he latched on to the very conflicts and ideas I was struggling to come to terms with. Who am I? Where do I go now? He showed me the people I was writing about in my songs. He showed me the part of me that was still one of them." -- from the Introduction by Bruce Springsteen
Hardcover, 136 pages, 70 B&W photos, 18 color photos.
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