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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Alphabet Beats #158: W is for....The Wonder Stuff

W is for....

Hailing from The Black Country and formed in 1986 The Wonder Stuff are one of those bands that when you put all together in one place you suddenly realise that they actually have a really impressive body of work. Four Top 20 albums and 16 Chart Singles are a testimony of how good they were back then and Miles Hunt is still out in 2015 playing live under the banner of The Wonder Stuff.

Their last studio album in 2012 ('Oh No It's... The Wonder Stuff') is one of my favourite Cover albums.

The  Studio Albums
    The Eight Legged Groove Machine (August 1988, UK No. 18)*
    Hup (October 1989, UK No. 5)*
    Never Loved Elvis (June 1991, UK No. 3)
    Construction for the Modern Idiot (October 1993, UK No. 4)
    Escape from Rubbish Island (September 2004)**
    Suspended By Stars (February 2006)**
       Oh No It's...The Wonder Stuff (December 2012)

*Anniversary Editions
** Incomplete, link contains a track from the album as the whole thing is not on You Tube. 
Live and Compilations
  If The Beatles Had Read Hunter ... The Singles (compilation, September 1994, UK No. 8)
    Love Bites and Bruises (compilation of b-sides and unreleased tracks, November 2000)
    Cursed with Insincerity (live, June 2001)
    The BBC Sessions (June 2007)

Selected Singles
    "It's Not True" (February 1987)
    "Unbearable" (September 1987)
    "Give Give Give Me More More More" (April 1988) No. 72 UK, No. 17 US Modern Rock
    "A Wish Away" (July 1988) No. 43 UK
    "It's Yer Money I'm After Baby" (September 1988) No. 40 UK
    "Who Wants to Be the Disco King?" (February 1989) No. 28 UK
    "Don't Let Me Down Gently" (September 1989) No. 19 UK, No. 11 US Modern Rock
    "Golden Green" / "Get Together" (November 1989) No. 33 UK
    "Radio Ass Kiss" (November 1989) (US Radio release only) No. 26 US Modern Rock
    "Circlesquare" (May 1990) No. 20 UK
    "The Size of a Cow" (March 1991) No. 5 UK
    "Caught in My Shadow" (May 1991) No. 18 UK, No. 8 US Modern Rock
    "Sleep Alone" (August 1991) No. 43 UK
    "Dizzy" (Vic Reeves and the Wonder Stuff) (October 1991) No. 1 UK
    "Welcome to the Cheap Seats" (EP) (January 1992) No. 8 UK, No. 28 US Modern Rock
    "On the Ropes" (EP) (September 1993) No. 10 UK, No. 17 US Modern Rock
    "Full of Life (Happy Now)" (November 1993) No. 28 UK
    "Hot Love Now!" (EP) (March 1994) No. 19 UK
    "Unbearable" (September 1994) No. 16 UK
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