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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The S4L Top 50 Cover Versions Part Two 40-31

Released in 1980 on the Safari Label. A wee gem I think that's often overlooked (as is the band). The original was released by Arthur Alexander in December 1961 and finally charted in March 1962. It was recorded at FAME Studios at Muscle Shoals.

Johnny Thunders had first recorded this as a demo with his band the New York Dolls but when they split and he formed The Heartbreakers with Walter Lure and many 60's tunes became part of their live set. A Live version appeared on their 'Live at The Lyceum' album in 1985 and the studio version on a compilation from 2005 called 'Down to Kill'. I'm not entitely certain of the original but I think it was from Gary (U.S.) Bonds in 1962. He had a #27 hit with it on LeGrand Records.

Released as a B-side to the 1978 single 'Give Me Everything'. Originally recorded and released in 1970 by Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band on the album 'Lick My Decals Off, Baby'.

Originally released by the 1910 Fruitgum Company in 1969. The Ramones released as a B-Side to 'A Real Cool Time' that was issued in 1988. They did a lot of covers in their time but to my mind this is indeed one of the absolute standouts.

36. The Lion and The Lamb - Meg 'N' Jez.
From their debut album on Drumming Monkey Records, 'Follow It Down'. One of my favourite tracks from the album. Two teenagers, one based in Germany and the other in England. You'd never guess that they were so young. Megan has a lovely maturity to her voice and the backing track with the strings and all really highlight what a great song it is. First released in 1992 by TV Smith as a single and an album track on 'March of the Giants'.

35. Lost in Music - The Fall.
It's actually hard to believe that The Fall of all people would be covering Sister Sledge and that it would appear on what many have said was one of their most accessible albums ever...1993's 'The Infotainment Scan'. The album rocketed into the UK Album Charts at #9! The original written by Niles Rodgers and recorded by Sister Sledge was released in 1979 and peaked at #17 in the UK Singles Charts.

34. All My Tears - Emmylou Harris.
Released on the most excellent 1995 'Wrecking Ball' album that also included songs by Steve Earle, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Neil Young, Gillian Welch and Lucinda Williams, this track in particular was a real standout. The original was released on the 1993 album 'Orphans and Angels' by Julie Miller (wife of Buddy Miller). Emmylou actually sang this as a duet with Julie for the album.

33. Guns of Brixton - Jimmy Cliff.
First released on 'The Sacred Fire EP' in 2011 and then added to a magnificent album entitled 'Rebirth' in 2012. Tim Armstrong of Rancid produced the album and it's real quality. The originators of the tune were of course The Clash and this song first made it's entrance into the world on their 1979 classic 'London Calling' with Paul Simeon on the vocals.

32. Man Next Door - Dennis Brown.
From 1979 and following on in the Reggae Theme is this little ditty from Dennis Brown (it was released on the Joe Gibbs label, though the album it was included on - 'Joseph's Coat of Many Colours' was released on Laser Records also in 1979). It actually first appeared as a B-Side to Brown's 1978 single 'Oh What a Day' (on D.E.B. Music) The Original was recorded in 1962 by The Paragons that featured John Holt (who was also the writer).

31. The Stand - Last Tuesday.
Written by Mike Peters, Eddie Macdonald and Dave Sharp and originally released in 1983 on 'The Alarm EP' on IRS Records. The song was a big help to breaking the band in the USA.
Last Tuesday's version appeared on the band's final album 'Become What You Believe' (on Mono Vs Stereo Records). The band began in 1999, and they were from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. They released four albums and an EP before finally calling it a day in 2007 when the last of the original members Steve Gee announced he was leaving the band.
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