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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

We've Got A Fuzzbox And We're Gonna Use It

Today would have been the 46th Birthday of Jo Dunne, guitarist of We've Got A Fuzzbox and We're Gonna Use It.

Jo died 2 years ago on 26th October after a short battle with Cancer. She had gone to her Doctor to get treatment for a recurring back problem six weeks prior to her death only to be informed after tests that the cancer had spread considerably.

Their first record was released in March 1986 less than a year after their formation. The 'XX Sex EP' contained four songs: 'XX Sex', 'Do I Want To', 'She' and  'Rules and Regulations', it was an instant Indie Classic, and the video for 'Rules' was done amazingly cheap (especially when you consider that Duran Duran were spending millions making theirs!). It only reached #41 in teh UK Charts but did spend 25 weeks on the Indie Chart. 'Love Is The Slug' (the B-Side was a ripping version of 'Spirit in the Sky') followed  a great collaboration with Ted Chippington and the Nightingales on 'Rockin' with Rita'.

Their debut album 'Bostin' Steve Austin' didn't do well either, not even denting the charts!

They signed with WEA Records and became plain old Fuzzbox. 'What's the Point' - their first single for the Major only got as far as #51!  A serious image makeover in 1989 got the girls a Top 20 Hit with 'International Rescue' (#11). 'Pink Sunshine' (#14) followed. Meanwhile thei second album, 'Big Bang' peaked at #5. 'Self' and 'Walking on Thin Ice' (A Yoko Ono cover) were also released as singles from 'Big Bang'. 'Self' pealed at #24 and 'Thin Ice' a very poor #76.

Plans were afoot in 1990 to record a third album 'Out of this World' but those were thwarted when the single 'Your Loss My Gain' totally bombed and the band broke up citing the usual "musical differences".

Lead vocal Vix carried on as a solo artist whilst Jo, Maggie and Tina all withdrew from the music business. Vix was a backing singer for Ginger and the Sonic Circus for a while as well in 2006.

There was a one off reunion in 2008 in Birmingham and then early in 2010 when the band reunited minus drummer Tina O'Neil. They even released a new song (well an old one actually!) with a cover of M's 'Pop Muzik'. Their final show was at the Whitby Goth Weekend in 2011.

There are plenty of compliations around of the music of Fuzzbox. They are worth checking out and remembering as one of the fun bands of the Indie Scene.

More Fuzzy Sounds
John Peel Session March 1986.
1. Aaarrrggghhh! (Don't Let Us Die)
2. Fever 
3. Rules And Regulations
4. Justine 

It's hard to believe that this is the same girl who fronted Fuzzbox!
Victoria Perks Band.
Former Lead Vocalist is back in action again with her latest band Vix and her MsChiefs...A Country Band Nontheless!!
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