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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Soundtrack4Life Festive Fifty 2014: Part One 50-31

Over the next couple of posts I will be sharing with you the Soundtrack4Life Festive Fifty for 2014. Not all the songs are necessarily from this year as some older songs have appeared on a Soundtrack or a new Compilation or even songs from artists that I have discovered for myself throughout the year.

I hope that you have had as much fun this year discovering music as I have, and I hope that in some small way this blog has been a help in pointing you toward some mighty fine tunes.

By the way, this is not really a chart as such, the numberings are mainly for my own benefit so I don't get confused and miss something out. So just because a song you might like is sitting at a number you think should be higher, fear not, the numbers don't matter at all! These songs have made me smile, dance, shout eureka, shed a tear and shuffle my feet and nod my head in appreciation and have overwhelmingly made me a happy chap.

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