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Monday, 22 June 2015

Rewind 1993: Collective Soul Release Their "Debut Album"

Released 22nd June 1993
Rising Storm Records

The album would be reissued by Atlantic Records on 22nd March 1994

US Chart #15
Canada #5

The album was originally intended as a Demo to help Ed Roland sell some songs to a publishing company. It was recorded with no thrills in a basement in Atlanta. He gave a copy of the album to a College Radio  station who immediately zoned in on 'Shine'. It became the station's most requested song and the band was asked to play some live shows. Roland rounded up those who played on the Demo and began performing.

The song went into the charts and helped them get a deal with Atlantic Records. The band had wanted to remix the album but were put off by the company who felt it could put a hault to their momentum. The band actually look upon their self-titled second album as their debut!

For an album that was just meant to be a Demo it's actually pretty good.

I have to admit that I love the song 'Shine', it's a song that is rooted in my playlists etc. It just will not go away.

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