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Monday, 20 February 2017

Rewind: Buddy Holly - Buddy Holly (1958)

Buddy Holly - Buddy Holly
Produced by Norman Petty and Bob Thiele
Did Not Chart

Side One

Side Two
The Crickets

    Buddy Holly, guitar, vocals
    Joe B. Mauldin, bass
    Jerry Allison, drums
    Niki Sullivan, rhythm guitar (on Ready Teddy)

Singles on Buddy Holly
A-Side: Words of Love
 Released 20th June 1957
Did Not Chart

 A-Side: Everyday
B-Side: Peggy Sue
Released 20th September 1957
US Chart #3*

*It was actually Peggy Sue that charted

In the UK it was released on a 78RPM record but the other way around
A-Side: Peggy Sue
B-Side: Everyday
Released 15th November 1957
UK Chart #6

AA-Side: Listen To Me
Released 5th February 1958
Did Not Chart

The UK Release on 78RPM was not a Double A-Side 
A-Side: Listen To Me
B-Side: I'm Gonna Love You Too
Released February 1958
Did Not Chart

A-Side: Rave On
AA-Side: Take Your Time
Released 20th April 1958
US Chart #57

The UK release was not a Double A-Side
A-Side: Rave On
B-Side: Take Your Time
Released June 1958
UK Chart #5

EP Releases from Buddy Holly

A-Side: Listen To Me / Peggy Sue
B-Side: I'm Gonna Love You Too / Everyday
Released September 1958

A-Side: Rave On / Take Your Time
B-Side: Early In The Morning / Now We're One
Released December 1958


The first "solo" album by Buddy Holly actually still featured The Crickets and there was still music being released as The Crickets on the Brunswick label and Holly's "solo" material was being issued on Coral. There were also a couple of releases on Decca under Buddy Holly's name. Brunswick and Coral were actually both subsiduaries of Decca! Goodness me, it's hard to keep up with it all!

At the time of the release of the Album Buddy Holly and The Crickets were on tour first in Australia and then played 50 shows in 25 days across the UK.

The album contains tracks that were released as singles in the US and the UK, a number of which are regarded as some of his finest tunes (Words of Love, Everyday, Peggy Sue, Listen To Me and Rave On).

I love this album to bits. It contains my favourite song of all-time as well - Rave On - so I'm more than a little biased!

I want to dedicate this to my friend Wooders who holds the music of Buddy Holly in such high regard and most importantly to the memory of my Dad, without whom I would not have had a lifetime love for the music of the goofy looking kid with the glasses from Lubbock, Texas.

 Gone But Never Forgotten
Buddy Holly
7th September 1936 - 3rd February 1959
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