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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Rewind: 1979 - English Civil War - The Clash

English Civil War / Pressure Drop
Produced by Sandy Pearlman


    Joe Strummer - lead vocals, rhythm guitars
    Mick Jones - backing vocals, lead guitars
    Paul Simonon - bass guitar
    Topper Headon - drums


    Joe Strummer - lead vocal, piano, rhythm guitar
    Mick Jones - backing vocals, rhythm guitar, lead guitars
    Paul Simonon - backing vocal, bass guitar
    Topper Headon - drums

Released 23rd February 1979
UK Chart #25


The follow up to Tommy Gun and the Second Single released from Give 'Em Enough Rope was issued on this day in 1979.

The B-Side had originally been recorded as part of the Lee Perry Sessions for Complete Control in 1977 and the final released version is only a touch different from that. You can find it on The Clash Bootleg "Street Rats".


NME 24th February 1979
Single Review
By Danny Baker
A wise enough if miscued and rock 'n' rolly warning about all things uniformed and sinister that this chap can flow to easier than a tuppeny ha'penny 'Oliver's Army'. But then it was a CBS choice, we hear. 
The flip is the old Toots 'Pressure Drop' from the set of yore but done more professionally, less manic.
Now is this a good thing? It sounds OK anyway and they at least feel the stuff - which is more than can be said for the disgusting rubbish that "Ol' Keef" pays his bills with.
Despite myself, The Clash are still the only rock group I would cross the road for.

There's an old clip from a TV Show put on by Tyne Tees Television called Alright Now from March 1979 where The Clash are "Interviewed" and then, to use Joe Strummer's words, "Plug in and Play" a storming version of English Civil War.


Setlist :
Safe European Home
I Fought the Law
Jail Guitar Doors
Drug-Stabbing Time
City of the Dead
Clash City Rockers
Tommy Gun
(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais
English Civil War
Stay Free
Julie's Been Working for the Drug Squad
Police and Thieves
Capital Radio
Janie Jones
Complete Control
London's Burning
White Riot
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