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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Rewind: Inflammable Material - Stiff Little Fingers (1979)

Inflammable Material - Stiff Little Fingers
Rough Trade (ROUGH 1)
Produced by Geoff Travis and Mayo Thompson
Released 2nd February 1979
UK Chart #14

Rough 1/Side 1

Rough 1/Side 2

Singles Featured on Inflammable Material
Rigid Digits
4th February 1978 
Re-Released 17th March 1979

Rigid Digits/Rough Trade
17th October 1978

I wrote a little piece about this album a couple of years back that's probably worth reading again. It was part of The Best Debut Albums Series (Click on the link to read it).

I can't think how many times I've played this album down through the years since its release but it must easily be near the thousand mark!

Looking forward to see them at the Barrowlands in Glasgow next month when they play on St. Patrick's Day (as is their custom).
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