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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Safety Pins, Barbed Wire and Some Punk Rock Love!

Valentines Day - we like to go all out on this day to celebrate love and so here's a few things we have got to make the day go just as we planned! πŸ’•

We Have The Card!

We Have The Flowers! 

We Have The Poetry!
We Have The Love Stories!

And We Have The Music!

πŸ’“ On The Playlist πŸ’“
Do You Love Me - The Heartbreakers
Eddie & Sheena - The Electric Chairs
Baby Baby - The Vibrators
Safety Pin Stuck In My Heart - Patrik Fitzgerald
Barbed Wire Love - Stiff Little Fingers
Love Song - The Damned
The He Kissed Me - The Hollywood Brats
Love ↦ Building On Fire - Talking Heads
The KKK Took My Baby Away - Ramones
1-2 Crush On You - The Clash
Stay With Me - The Dictators
I Don't Need To Tell Her - The Lurkers
Back In My Arms Again - The Jam
I Got You Babe - Joey Ramone & Holly Beth Vincent
Punk Rock Girl - The Boys
All This And More - Dead Boys
Gimmie Your Heart - Subs
Things That Make No Sense - Dag Nasty
What Do I Get - Buzzcocks
Whole Wide World - Wreckless Eric 

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