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Friday, 21 April 2017

Coming Backwards - The Alarm (New Video April 2017)

With the first album of new music since Direct Action in 2010 Mike Peters and The Alarm are set to release Blood Red on 5th May the first of two albums this year (the second will be called Viral Black and will be out in September 2017). The album is available here. All the Limited Editions and Vinyl are sold out now.

You can watch a series of videos that were produced exclusively for The Alarm Website where Mike Peters talks about the up and coming project. Watch here NOW.

"Fighting the same battles over and over again" is something that Mike Peters knows about as he has battled against cancer a number of times and this time around he's had to do it with his wife Jules alongside him also fighting against cancer in her life.

Mike Peters has said that this new work presents a challenge to both himself and the listener and as a listener I think he's right. It's not exactly the kind The Alarm music we have been used to and maybe it's going to take some time to fully embrace it. 

We can start now with the first track to be released a couple of days ago as a video from the album Blood Red....

 Coming Backwards - The Alarm

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