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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Blur - 21 Box Set 2012

Wow, so this is what a career spanning Boxset looks like! 18CD's, 3 DVD's, 1 7 inch single and book featuring interviews and photos reviewing the life of Blur. The Boxset is due for release at the end of July and costs £134.28 (at Amazon) for the CD set or you can also get it in Vinyl for £195 (also from Amazon).

Four of the discs (15-18) are loaded with Rarities including Demos from their days as Seymour (included is the rehearsal where they wrote their first single, 'She's So High').

I have a bit of a soft spot for Blur and have always been impressed by the way they were able to almost reinvent themselves with every album. Saying that though I'm not a fan of everything they have released, but there are a number of great little tunes they have put out. First though, a couple of new tunes that were issued yesterday!

New Song: The Puritan (Live)

In no particular order here's a few of my fav Blur tunes (though 'Tender' and 'The Universal' are my top two favourites)

Charmless Man

To The End

Tender (Live at Glastonbury)

End Of A Century


The Universal

For Tomorrow

There's No Other Way

Country House
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