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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Happy Birthday Dion DiMucci

Born on this day in 1939 the original Wanderer, the man who had Sue running around and still The King of the New York Streets - Happy Birthday Dion.

Not that I ever need an excuse to talk about Dion's brilliant 1989 comeback album, 'Yo Frankie', but all these years down the road it remains one of my most played albums.

The album features Paul Simon, Bryan Adams, k.d. Lang and Dave Edmunds (who also Produced the album) and is loaded with great songs including a beautiful cover version of Tom Wait's 'Serenade'.

I never forget DJ Roger Scott when he had moved to the BBC from Capital Radio totally raving about the album when it came out and Richard Skinner had an interview and studio session by him one Saturday afternoon. He did one show in London at The Town and Country Club and I remember jumping on a bus from Glasgow to London just to see it. He was brilliant and performed many of the tracks from 'Yo Frankie' as well as some of his hits from back in the day with The Belmonts.

From The Town and Country Club Show:

In the same year as it's release Dion was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

01 King Of New York Streets (4:50) (A Live Version Here)Backing Vocals [Background] - Lou Reed
02 And The Night Stood Still (4:20)
Backing Vocals [Background] - Mark Lennon
Mixed By - Thom Panunzio
03 Yo Frankie (She's All Right With Me) (3:35)
04 I've Got To Get You (4:32)
05 Written On The Subway Wall / Little Star (3:54)
06 Drive All Night (3:00)
07 Always In The Rain (4:21)
08 Loving You Is Killing Me (3:39)
09 Tower Of Love (4:18)
10 Serenade (4:16)

Drums - Mickey Curry
Guitar [Lead] - Keith Scott
Mixed By - Bob Rock
Backing Vocals [Background], Guitar [Rhythm Guitars] - Bryan Adams
Saxophone - Arno Hecht
Guitar [Lead, Rhythm], Backing Vocals [Background], Keyboards, Producer, Percussion, Glockenspiel, Bass - Dave Edmunds

Bass - Dave Taylor (3)
Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals [Background] - Paul Simon (5)
Backing Vocals [Background] - k.d. lang (6)

An Interesting show and interview looking at Dion's life and spirituality. WATCH 'WORLD OVER' HERE

A series of Four Interviews that Dion did for a Catholic cable network show called 'The Wanderer Talks Truth'

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