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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Ruts DC - Animal Now Reissue 2012

Just read that Westworld have reissued the brilliant 'Animal Now' by the Ruts DC on CD and Vinyl and it includes two bonus tracks - the A and B side of the single 'Different View'.

I actually have a 16 track version of the album (unfortunately I can't recall where I got it from). That version contains 'Last Exit', 'Can't Take It Easy', 'Love Blind Fools', 'Different View (Demo)' and 'Denial'. (Ed. Having just spoken to Dave Ruffy on the phone he informed me that the version I have is a bootleg! Anyway, they are playing a show tonight in Croatia.)

Alex Ogg has done comprehensive liner notes for the reissue and Segs Jennings and Dave Ruffy have contributed to them also with pertinant thoughts regarding the recording and release of the album. It's actually a fascinating insight into the mindset of the band following the death of Malcom Owen a year earlier. It was an album born in grief and it's actually a wonder that it made it out of the starting gate (just listen to the lyrics on 'Despondency'). We can be glad that it did because it showed that there was still a lot to be given by Jennings, Ruffy and Fox.

It's a nice touch that Segs and Ruffy have dedicated the reissue of the album to Paul Fox and former manager Andy Dayman both of whom have passed out of this world.

I'm quite excited about seeing this in print again (ordered my copy off of Amazon).

The current line up of Ruts DC is
Segs Jennings - Bass and Vocals
Dave Ruffy - Drums and Vocals
Leigh Heggarty - Guitar and Vocals 

The band will appearing at this years Rebellion Festival on Saturday 4th August and at The London Punk Festival (see poster below).

For more information on Ruts DC check out their website.

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