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Saturday, 7 January 2017

11 Short Stories Of Pain & Glory - Dropkick Murphys (January 2017)

11 Short Stories Of Pain & Glory  - Dropkick Murphys 
Born & Bred Records
Produced by Tedd Hutt 
Released 6th January 2017

A1 The Lonesome Boatman    
A2 Rebels With A Cause    
A3 Blood    
A4 Sandlot    
A5 First Class Loser    
B1 Paying My Way    
B2 I Had A Hat    
B3 Kicked To The Curb    
B4 You'll Never Walk Alone    
B5 4-15-13    
B6 Until The Next Time

Official Video

Paying My Way
Official Video


It's been four years since the last Studio Album from Boston's Dropkick Murphys (Signed and Sealed In Blood) and the wait has surely been worth it with the release on Friday of 11 Short Stories Of Pain & Glory.

11 Short Stories Of Pain & Glory was recorded in El Paso, Texas - a long way from home in Boston!

The album was influenced by the band's work with The Claddagh Fund, a charity the band established in 2009 to help support addiction recovery as well as children's and veterans' organizations. "Rebels with a Cause" was written about kids who are given up on, and left behind by a system that has written them off as hopeless. "Paying My Way" is about the way up and out of addiction and the dream of bigger and better things in life. "4-15-13" pays homage to the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing, most of whom the band grew to know personally after visits to their hospital rooms in the aftermath. "Since that day, we felt like not taking the challenge to write a song about what we all went through would be taking the coward’s way out. We put more importance on writing that piece of music than anything we’ve ever done, because if you're going to touch that day, it has to be done right. We went through so many emotions with that whole experience, as did everyone in Boston. It changed the city forever," Casey said. Tim Brennan said of the album, "we've stayed true to what the band is and has always been. And we're still expanding on our sound and lyrical content."
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