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Friday, 27 January 2017

Rewind: Christine McVie - Christine McVie (1984)

Christine McVie - Christine McVie
Warner Bros Records
Produced by Russ Titelman
Released 27th January 1984
US Chart #26
UK Chart #58

Tracklist & Writers
A1 Love Will Show Us How (Christine McVie & Todd Sharp)  
A2 The Challenge (Christine McVie & Todd Sharp)      
A3 So Excited (Christine McVie, Billy Burnette & Todd Sharp)      
A4 One In A Million (Christine McVie & Todd Sharp)      
A5 Ask Anybody (Christine McVie & Steve Winwood)      
B1 Got A Hold On Me (Christine McVie & Todd Sharp)      
B2 Who's Dreaming This Dream (Todd Sharp & Daniel Douma)      
B3 I'm The One (Todd Sharp)   
B4 Keeping Secrets (Todd Sharp & Alan Pasqua)   
B5 The Smile I Live For (Christine McVie)

    Christine McVie - vocals, keyboards, percussion
    Todd Sharp - guitar, background vocals
    George Hawkins - bass guitar, background vocals
    Steve Ferrone - drums, percussion

Additional musicians
    Eric Clapton - guitar
    Lindsey Buckingham - guitar, background vocals
    Mick Fleetwood - drums
    Steve Winwood - piano, synthesizers, lead and background vocals
    Ray Cooper - percussion

    Eddy Quintela - additional keyboards

Singles on Christine McVie

Released January 25th 1984
US Chart #10

B-Side: The Challenge

Released April 1984
US Chart #30


You couldn't accuse Christine McVie of being prolific when it comes to releasing Solo albums. She released her Debut Solo Album, Christine Perfect, in 1970 not long after she had departed Chicken Shack (1968-69) and not too long before she joined Fleetwood Mac in late 1970 (her first album with the Mac as a member was Future Games in 1971). The Debut had featured husband at the time John McVie and Danny Kirwan (both of whom were also members of Fleetwood Mac with whom Christine had already contributed her keyboard, vocal talent and artistic skills to).

Twenty four years later came her second, which is the focus of attention today simply called Christine McVie. And her third solo release wouldn't appear for another 20 years (In The Meantime - 2004).

Up until the release of this Solo Album there had only been song contributions on these Fleetwood Mac albums:

1971 - Future Games: Morning Rain & Show Me A Smile.
1972 - Bare Trees: Homeward Bound & Spare Me A Little of Your Love*.
1973 - Penguin: Remember Me*, Dissatisfied & Did You Ever Love Me* (a co-write with Bob Welch).
1973 - Mystery To Me: Believe Me, Just Crazy Love, The Way I Feel & Why.
1974 - Heroes Are Hard To Find: Heroes Are Hard To Find*, Come A Little Bit Closer, Bad Loser & Prove Your Love.
1975 - Fleetwood Mac: Warm Ways*, Over My Head*, Say You Love Me* & Sugar Daddy.
1977 - Rumours: Don't Stop*, Songbird, You Make Loving Fun* & Oh Daddy. The Chain was written by all band members.
1979 - Tusk: Over & Over, Think About Me*, Brown Eyes, Never Make Me Cry, Honey Hi & Never Forget.
1980 - Live: featured four previously released songs and a brand new song One More Night.
1982 - Mirage: Only Over You, and three co-writes - Love In Store* (with Jim Recor), Hold Me* (with Robbie Patton) & Wish You Were Here (with Colin Allen).

(* Denotes tracks that were released as Singles, only a few of which didn't chart)

Apart from a few exceptions where Lindsey Buckingham joined her for vocals most of the songs she wrote she also sang lead vocal for.

So now, with this Solo album, all bar two songs McVie contributed to (the last track, The Smile I Live For, is the only solo credit), it was interesting to see if she could pull it off. Not that I remember any of the reviews but I did see it mentioned that people were quite mixed with their views on it with a number basically saying that her songs "lacked in variety to be completely effective outside the confines of a Fleetwood Mac album". I think that sounds a bit harsh but in a way I do understand a little of what they were getting at.

Whilst Christine McVie is maybe not as flamboyant as Stevie Nicks, I think that ordinariness (is that a word?) actually makes her stands out a little more I think. I don't know if you noticed that she rarely takes centre stage, even when she's singing lead (Check out Everywhere from The Dance Concert and also the show below).

The album saw a Solo Top Ten hit with Hot A Hold On Me, and Love Will Show Us How stalled at #30 (the promo video is an absolute hoot 😁).

 Live at The Country Club
Los Angeles
16th December 1983

Love Will Show Us How
Keeping Secrets
The Challenge
Who's Dreaming This Dream
I'm The One
So Excited
Don't Stop
Got A Hold On Me/Band Intros
One In A Million
You Make Lovin Fun
World Turning
Say You Love Me*
Over My Head*

* Not included in the concert video

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