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Sunday, 29 January 2017

40 Years of Punk & New Wave 1977: Spiral Scratch EP - Buzzcocks

Spiral Scratch - Buzzcocks
New Hormones
Produced by Martin Zero (Hannett)
Released 29th January 1977

Side One

Side Two

To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the release of Spiral Scratch, Domino released on Friday (27th January 2017) a very Limited Edition Reissue - only 300 copies! (Go Here To See If You Can Get One)

If you are out of luck with the Limited Edition Reissue EP you could always try and get hold of another Limited Edition because it's also contained within, this time it's Buzzcocks Mk.1 Vinyl Box Set that is due for release in March.
Limited to 1000 copies globally, each Buzzcocks Mk.1 is hand numbered and housed in a rigid outer box with lift off lid. It will be released on 10th March 2017. For the cost of £50 you get all of this:

  Spiral Scratch 7" (Standard Edition) Vinyl, CD
    Time's Up! Heavyweight 12" Vinyl, CD
    Download Card with audio for Spiral Scratch and Time's Up 
plus bonus 'Breakdown' video download (live from Lesser Free Trade Hall, Manchester)
    Shy Talk Fanzine No.4 featuring contributions from (ex-manager) Richard Boon, (sleeve designer) Malcolm Garrett, (photographer) Kevin Cummins, (author) Clinton Heylin and (Manchester punk icon) Denise Shaw
    Buzzcocks Chronology (1976-77) A4 Booklet
    A print of the original Spiral Scratch Recording Tape Box
    Postcard Flyers (7)
    Photo Prints (5)
    Pin Badges (3)
    Posters (2)
If you should fail to secure a copy of the Boxset, the Time's Up! album will be available on Vinyl and CD from 10th March 2017.

Featuring the original line-up of Howard Devoto (vocals and songwriter), Pete Shelley (guitar and songwriter), Steve Diggle (bass guitar) and John Maher (drums), Time’s Up was recorded at Revolution Studios, Bramhall Lane Stockport on the 18th of October 1976. The session, recording Buzzcocks’ live set at the time, cost £45 and was engineered by Andy MacPherson

Time's Up first appeared as a Bootleg and has since 1978 been released on various formats and by different companies in various Countries (mainly the UK but also Venezuela, Australia, USA, Belguim and Brazil) officially and unofficially. 

Spiral Scratch EP has also been reissued a number of times down through the years on different labels.

As I have previously written about the release of Spiral Scratch in December 2015, as part of my 45RPM Series, I thought instead of repeating myself I decided that you can go and check that out for yourselves:

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