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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Rewind: Maniacal Laughter - Bouncing Souls (1996)

Maniacal Laughter - Bouncing Souls
Chunksaah Records
Produced by Thom Wilson
Released 26th January 1996
Did Not Chart

1 Lamar Vannoy    
2 No Rules    
3 The Freaks, Nerds & Romantics    
4 Argyle    
5 All Of This And Nothing    
6 The BMX Song    
7 Quick Chek Girl    
8 Headlights... Ditch!    
9 Here We Go    
10 Born To Lose    
11 Moon Over Asbury    
12 The Ballad Of Johnny X

    Greg Attonito – vocals
    Pete Steinkopf – guitar
    Bryan Keinlen – bass
    Shal Khichi – drums
    Johnny X – guitar and vocals on "The Ballad of Johnny X"

EP on Maniacal Laughter
 Released on Better Youth Organization (BYO 036) and Chunksaah Records

That Side: The Ballad of Johnny X

This Side: Here We Go /Headlights... Ditch!

 7" Record
Released 1995


The original four members of the Bouncing Souls all hailed from Basking Ridge, New Jersey but set up shop in New Brunswick, NJ in 1989. Although New Brunswick was a college town (it is home to Rutgers University) the band had actually made the decision to forgo further education in the classroom for life education in the sphere of Rock and Roll!

Their first recorded output came in the form of the Cassette EP in 1989 which was basically four demo tracks. It's a little different in sound to what they would become known for as it's almost like a Punk/Funk/Rap crossover!

Over the course of the next couple of years they released a few EP's that were brought together to form their Debut Album The Good, The Bad and The Argyle released on their own label Chunksaah Records in 1994.

Maniacl Laughter, released two years later included all the songs released on the The Ballad of Johnny X EP from 1995. What you get is 12 songs in 23 minutes and 44 seconds - just like a proper Punk Rock album used to be!

A good chuck of the album was written and recorded within the space of a week and within the month it was released! A tour with the band L.A. Punk band Youth Brigade (who had just released their album To Sell The Truth) brought them to the attention of Epitath Records with whom they would sign in 1997.
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