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Monday, 26 May 2014

Happy Birthday Stevie Nicks

Born on this day in 1948, Stevie Nicks.
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There's not an awful lot of recordings around of Stevie's first group Fritz which she was a part of from 1967-72.

Rare 1974 Live Audio Recording from Alabama  of 'Lola (My Love)'.

Rare 1975 Live Audio Recording from Alabama of 'Don't Let Me Down Again'.

The first live performances of 'Rhiannon' by Buckingham Nicks. The song of course would grace the 1975 'Fleetwood Mac' album that was a US #1. 'Landslide' was another song written around the same period that would eventually turn up on the 'Fleetwood Mac' album.

Rare live 1975 performance of 'Rhiannon' by Fleetwood Mac. Largo, Maryland 5th October. There is a full concert video of the Largo show here!

Mega stardom was just around the corner for Nicks and Fleetwood Mac with the 1977 release of 'Rumours'. Prior to the release of the album in February the Mac released 'Go Your Own Way' as the first single from the project.

Silver Springs - this is the longer version that Stevie Nicks wanted to be included on the 'Rumours' album but it was cut and used as a b-side in an edited form. This is the definitive version of the song in my estimation.

In the UK the single releases from 'Rumours' didn't fare too well: 'Go Your Own Way' (#38), 'Dreams' (#24), 'Don't Stop' (#32), and 'You Make Loving Fun' (#45). In the States it was a different story with all four singles reaching the Top Ten (GYOW #10, Dreams #1, Don't Stop #3, and YMLF #9). The album went to #1 all around the globe and you almost couldn't turn a radio on back then without hearing at least one track from the album!

'Tusk' followed two years later and gave them a #1 album in the UK but only hit #4 in the US.

In 1981 Stevie Nicks released her debut solo album, 'Bella Donna'. It would be a #1 album for her. She has continued to release solo albums throughout the years: 'The Wild Heart' (1983), 'Rock A Little' (1985), 'The Other Side of the Mirror' (1989), 'Street Angel' (1994), 'Trouble in Shangri-La' (2001). and 'In Your Dreams' (2011).

Live Concert Video
Stevie Nicks

Fleetwood Mac

2013 Tour Setlist
They had a fairly stagnant setlist on the tour so here it is with songs from various shows on their travels.

Encore 2
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