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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Rewind: Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band Three Nights In Stockholm June 2009

Just picked this up today. A 9CD Set that spotlights three nights (4th, 5th and 7th June) in Stockholm back in 2009 on The Working on a Dream Tour.

Jay Weinberg played drums on all three nights in Stockholm.

4th June 2009 Night 1 

"I’m so glad to be back in Stockholm. We ain’t afraid of no little bit of rain. The E Street Band is here tonight and whether it’s raining or the sun’s shining or it’s snowing or it’s hailing we, we intend to fulfil our solemn vow to rock the house! But we didn’t come all the way to Stockholm to just rock the house, we come here tonight because we want to build a house right here on this rainy field we’re gonna build a house…we’re gonna take the fear that’s out there and build a house of love. We’re gonna take the doubt that’s out there and build a house of faith. We’re gonna take the despair and we’re gonna build a house of hope. We’re gonna take the sadness and we’re gonna build us a house tonight of joy and happiness and we’re gonna take that cooling off and build a house of sexual healing! That’s right…and we got all the tools we need right here in these seats, on this field, on this stage…we’re gonna use the bad wood and the good wood, the bad news that’s out there and the good news and we’re gonna build a house out of music and spirit and noise…now the mighty E Street Band is here and we’re gonna bring down the power of the music on you but, Stockholm, we need you to bring the noise!…” - Introduction to Working on a Dream.

5th June 2009 Night 2
 "How many shows must a man walk down before he listens to ‘Lost in the Flood’?...very rarely played. “Lost in the Flood”…I think we remember it...we’ll find out – go ahead, Roy…" - Bruce's response to a sign request for Lost in the Flood.

7th June 2009 Night 3

"Sverige!’ve just seen the heart-stopping, pants-dropping, hard-rocking, earth-shocking, booty-shaking, love-making, Viagra-taking, history-making, legendary... (crowd: “E Street Band”)...that’s right!..." - End of the Intro to American Land.

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