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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Tommy Ramone R.I.P.

Earlier this week a rumour spread about the death of Tommy Ramone that was actually unfounded at the time. Sadly, on Friday 11th July, Tommy passed away at a hospice in NY where he was receiving care due to cancer. He was 62 years old and the last remaining original member of The Ramones.

The Ramones FB page posted a simple message last night confirming the news:
We are saddened to announce the passing of Tommy Ramone (nee Erdelyi), the original drummer for the Ramones, earlier today, 11 July 2014.

"It wasn't just music in The Ramones: it was an idea. It was bringing back a whole feel that was missing in rock music – it was a whole push outwards to say something new and different. Originally it was just an artistic type of thing; finally I felt it was something that was good enough for everybody." - Tommy Ramone, 1978
RIP Tommy.

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